We all follow a belief system in our lives . We are initially given a set of beliefs by our parents, teachers, peers, religion, TV and media. When we are young we think adults know more than us so we generally trust in what they say. However, as we get older we form our own beliefs about the world.

Some of the residual beliefs from our childhood can remain and have remained without us knowing about them. And, there are certain residual beliefs that I believe and think that must change so as to make our life better. Here are some residual beliefs or say, myths, see if you recognise any of them and try changing them.

You are too old to start something new. The average life expectancy in the US is about 75 for men and 79 for women and it is similar in Europe. This will change and soon we’ll be seeing the average life expectancy at 100. This means we are never too old to start something new. Starting a new venture is a great way to keep the brain active and to keep motivation up for living. We are a nation of people who expect to die at around 75 or so, so what happens? We do. If we expect to live to 100 we would do more changing, feel less inhibited by time. Just do it.

You are not skilled enough to go for it. Nobody in life is skilled enough until they start doing it. If you want to do something just start doing it, don’t stress about not getting into university to do a degree in computing, just do it until you get in. The Internet has more information than you will get at university, college or school it’s just a matter of finding it. If you are good and you sell yourself well, you will get noticed.

If you fail at something you are a failure. This is perpetuated at school and throughout our days of turning into an adult. We are encouraged to win at all costs. If I fail at something, and I have many times, I try again, and again, and again until I get it right. If you believe that “if you fail at something you are a failure” then that means everyone in the world is a failure. Don’t hold yourself back by believing this. Install a new belief.

You will never make that amount of money. If I say to myself ”there is no way I could make a million pounds” my brain will not look for ways of making that million. If I am determined enough to make a million my brain will help me look for ways of making it, no matter how outrageous the idea, at least my brain will be creating ideas. You will make exactly what you expect to make.

There is nothing you can do about it. Rubbish! Some people never get past this and it’s such a shame. You can change any aspect of your life if you can see it .Life can be hard and it takes guts to make the decision to change your life, but you can change it. Know what you want, know the steps you have to take and then change it.

You won’t amount to anything. Every single one of us has a talent we don’t know about or have not yet been recognized for. If you want to be extraordinary you have to put in the effort. Try everything to find something that you love. The very fact that you are alive says that you are special. Change your lifestyle many times until you find a path you love and are willing to work on.

Nobody believes in you. Work on believing in yourself and work on letting go of needing others to believe in you. I believe in you, but my opinion is worth nothing, everybody’s opinion is worth nothing. As soon as you start believing in yourself other people will start believing in you, but let go of needing their belief.

Why change it if it’s not broken. We need change to move on with life and you will always come up against people who don’t like change, avoid them if you can. I don’t mean changing for the sake of changing. I am talking about improving upon existing appliances; processes etc. If you see something that could be improved try and implement it.

Believing ‘God’ is an entity outside your control. When I say ‘God’, I mean a spiritual force. ‘God’ is a force within you; when you pray, you are praying to yourself; when you ask forgiveness, you are asking yourself for forgiveness. You control ‘God’, not the other way about. Nobody in this universe controls you, you control the force within you, never let go of that belief.

You do not need anybody or anything to allow you to live your own life, live it for yourself and help others to live theirs.

* * *