Thoughts carry tremendous creative power. Consciously or not, before every spoken word, there is a thought. In the same way, there is a thought preceding every action. Since thoughts shape our words and behaviors, they inevitably shape our environment, relationships and destiny. The power of our thoughts truly deserve our better attention , as the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life.

With our birth gifts of higher thoughts, inventions are made and modern civilization becomes a reality. Unfortunately, most of us do not utilize the power of thoughts effectively. Instead of managing our thoughts positively and using them to create a better reality, we have become powerless with our thoughts. Without learning to master the power of our thoughts, no wonder we feel anxious and depressed most of the time.

You might be surprised by how many negative thoughts you think daily. You might also discover that some of these thoughts are not even originally yours. Negative thoughts create negative state of mind; therefore, they produce negative actions following by negative results. For example, how many of us catch ourselves daydreaming often and allow our mind to wonder from places to places without much control? On the other hand, how many of us try to control our lives ineffectively by allowing repetitively negative thoughts to dominate our mind such as worrying obsessively. The good news is that in the same way, high quality thoughts create high quality state of mind; therefore, they produce positive actions and wonderful and positive results. Isn’t this a great incentive for us to pay attention and learn to monitor our thoughts carefully?

A good exercise is to start paying attention to the quality of our thoughts for a day. Your job is to reject any negative or limited thoughts as soon as they surface. Any “I can’t” or “too difficult” judgments must be thrown out of the windows, immediately.

When I first started this exercise, I noticed that there were more negative thoughts than positive ones. Most of the negative thoughts were not even valid. Unfortunately, they had become part of my “thinking habits”. Eventually, I learned that the price I had paid for my habitual negative thoughts were way too high as they robbed away my happiness and my ability to create a good life.

Becoming conscious of the power of our thoughts is a necessity to improve the quality of our lives. As each of us becomes more conscious and becomes the master of our mind, we together can use our mind in creating more beauty, joy and goodness in the world. Starting today, pay good attention to your thought quality. Use the power of your thoughts to create a good life because it is your birth right!

* * *