Do you spare time for ‘thinking’ what are the strategies and tactics that have helped companies achieve their goals and take their performance to the next level? What would happen to your organization if you and your team had more time to think? Keeping, on average, at least one full day of ‘white space’ in your calendar per week, with no scheduled meetings and no electronic devices allowed and using that time to think would foster corporate success to unprecedented heights. You can hire people to think for you but thinking is a must and inevitable.

With right people in place doing the right things, here are some proven strategies and tactics which have helped the ‘thinker’ strategist achieve corporate success irrespective of the size, location or circumstances of the organization.

  • No company can consistently grow revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth, and still become a great company.
  • First determine the key seats on your isle and then determine what percentage you have filled with the right people. Find out how will you get to 100% and how will you replace a key seat if you lose someone?
  • Have each person in a key seat articulate his responsibilities so that everyone knows what he is ultimately responsible for.
  • Knowing the right questions is far more important than having all the answers. Determine your questions-to-statements ratio and double it in the next year. Ensure that your team, especially your senior team is asking the right questions.

Greatness is a result of conscious choice and discipline – not a random situation. Focus yourself and your team on achieving greatness. THINK !

* * *