Deciding effortlessly is that simple and effortless  method of making decisions where one can flow through the constant stream of decisions one  makes every day , without getting stuck, without being paralyzed by fear. We choose, and flow, and we let go of the worry of a bad decision or failure . Effortless decision making is possible only if we just let go of our crusade for perfection. Is there a perfect decision?    We’ll never make perfect decisions, and wanting to make the perfect choices keep us paralyzed. Don’t let this hold you up.

How do you make a choice when you’re stuck in the traffic? How do you decide when two or more possibilities seem equally good? You’re often stuck because you don’t have the necessary information. What information do you need? Can you get it easily? Get it now if you can, but don’t be held up by the lack of information. Get more information. If you don’t have enough information, and that’s usually the case, just choose. It doesn’t really matter what you choose, just make a choice and let go of the idea of making the right choice. Now live with that choice for a bit, and see what happens. This is called trial and error, and it’s often the best way to get information. We try something, and see how it works out   and then we have more information to make better decisions in the future. When you look at it this way, decisions are just a series of trial and error experiments, and it doesn’t matter what the outcomes are, because any outcome is good information.

How do you make a choice? If you’re stuck for the want of enough information, let go of your worry and just make a choice. You could flip a coin, but you could also just go with your gut feeling. What does your intuition say? Start listening to it, often it’s an unconscious decision based on lots of factors that we can’t consciously process, so a part of our unconscious brain processes it and comes up with a split-second decision. Intuition can be wrong, but that’s alright, we’re going to learn from the results no matter what. Learn to hear your intuition, and go with it.

If you could learn these simple principles, you’ll be surprised to see that there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t have to be perfect, and the outcome of a decision is very rarely the end of the world at least, no decision has led to the end of the world, yet. Sure, history is littered with the corpses of those who made bad decisions, but there are a million times more decisions that were made without any really bad consequences. You won’t die, you’ll just learn. So don’t worry, just choose.

You’ll get better with practice and as you learn to let go of perfection you will begin to see decision making as simple experiment. You’ll learn to decide better, faster, with more intuition. Soon you’ll flow through your daily decisions with ease. Do it consciously at first, keeping in mind all of the above principles. It gets easier as you go.

Making decisions is something we do every moment, all day long, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. We build certain decisions up in our minds because we think they’re incredibly important, but actually they are rarely that big a deal. See your choice as an opportunity to learn, and you’ll be happy for every single decision that comes your way, effortlessly.

* * *