Who is a dynamic person?  A dynamic person is one who is charismatic and charming. This person gels and connects with everyone. This person is liked and admired by many. A dynamic person is a person who really makes a difference in the world; who does something that changes things or people.

Are you dynamic ? Do you want to be a dynamic person? If you really get something done, no matter how small a thing it may be, you are dynamic, and the world is different because you lived in it. If you are only pretending to do things or talking about them, or building up appearances, you are not dynamic; you are play acting. The magnitude of the work done may not be very great, but the fact still remains that the world is a little different because that person has lived and worked. That is a dynamic person.

Many people think they would like to be called dynamic but it does not appear that they always have a very clear idea of what that expression really means.  Sometimes they think it means being somewhat aggressive and noisy, or even bombastic, in manner.  In other cases, they think it means drawing attention to themselves in somewhat less blatant but equally effective way. In reality nothing could be farther from the truth.

Given below are some traits of a dynamic person:

The first trait is to prepare to engage. Have you admired someone who really engages with many people? Have you ever yearned to move and manipulate people? The right way to engage with anyone is to communicate with them. But you may ask what to talk about? Speak with measured tone and clarity. Even before a meeting or a party starts, prepare and get ready to engage with people whom you want to meet. We have to sometimes put up a so called ‘false’ face so as to project oneself as an approachable person even when we do not want to meet.

The second important trait of a dynamic person is the manners and etiquettes he expresses, appropriately, as per the occasion, time, situation and place. It is only a natural instinct of people to care less about others. It’s alright not to feel comfortable in all parties but do not keep quiet all the time, at the party or else you may give an impression that you know nothing or you are just not interested in the people around you.

The third trait is dressing (and grooming) appropriately for the occasion. How do you dress for the occasion? How do you present yourself for the forthcoming meeting? What kind of body spray or perfume you use? Be always emitting good odor when you are in public. Do you brush (and mouthwash) your teeth before every meeting? Take care of your bad breath in meeting. Be conscious of the society you are moving in.

Communicating effectively is the fourth important trait of a dynamic person. We are in the age of e-technology. Today, the major communications are through e-technology. Follow the phone and email etiquettes. Don’t ‘shout’ either on phone or when you use emails. Do not write the text in capital letters. And, when in a meeting do not take any call or use your cell phone. Keep your phone on silent mode and let the caller leave you a message on voicemail. The essence of good communication lies in you.

Last but not the least, a dynamic person does not ever think about being rejected. He is prepared to try new ways to connect with and accept rejection in a positive spirit. You can communicate with confidence only when you get along with rejection. Not to be afraid of rejection is not to think about it. Everyone needs oxygen to survive and so we are all equal. Is there any reason for you to whine about any rejection in life?

Dynamic people have changed the lives and destinies of millions of people, and their work is known to all but there are many men and women up and down the country whose works are not well known or known at all, and yet on their own scale they are dynamic, because they have actually changed the world in their own small way.

* * *