TrapWhen I read about some cool setup or something someone else has or some cool new way of working, I inevitably want to try it. I really do. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I’m only human. You’ve done this too, probably. You might read a review of some new software that will help you create, or a new fashion style or some cool shoes or beautiful furniture or the newest iPad, or the latest iPhone app

It’s a trap.

We’re endlessly looking at how others do things, for inspiration and idea but we end up wanting to try those things too. That sounds harmless until you realize that you’ll buy almost anything because someone wrote about it and made it sound amazing. You’ll live a life of an endless series of purchases because of what other people are doing. Even if you don’t buy stuff, you’ll change your life endlessly, based on what others are doing. You’ll give up your couch, you’ll stop buying a brand of furniture, give up your cell phone or give up your computer, start doing yoga, or become a Zen monk, or create a tech start-up. And it never ends.

Those things are amazing, sure, but when does this urge to compare ever end? When would we ever feel content with the life we’re living?

If you look to the lives of others, you’ll always find yourself lacking. Look instead at what you have, and be grateful. Reduce your needs, and be content. And, your life of striving for perfection, for the future will become a life of balance, of the moment, of inner peace.

 * * *