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photo(1)Dr.Suneel Sethi

Curious, Inquisitive, Researcher, Educationist and Consultant who Cares about the World we Live in


A results-oriented successful leader with a history of demonstrated success grounded in excellent operational skills and diverse experience in, both, academics and business. Professional success of more than two decades in projects management, management consultancy, global marketing, technology transfers and business collaborations. Accomplished with specialist skills in marketing and strategic management which have propelled companies to record levels of revenue, market share and industry recognition.

Passionately driving companies for strategic business turnaround in global markets and developing business professionals to sell and deliver services to clients. A team focused executive who has achieved world-class results by developing and retaining top talent, launching innovative training and incentive programs, instilling a culture of excellence, and inspiring synergy towards common business and academic goals.

Teaching Marketing Management, Strategy and Business Sustainability at university level and business schools with interests in knowledge and change management. Supervised magazine writers, editors and freelancers and written and published more than 200 articles on wide ranging management topics and subjects including sustainability, corporate social responsibility and marketing. Led cross-functional teams to develop award-winning web sites, magazine redesigns, new editorial missions, publications and social media.

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3 thoughts on “Author’s Profile”

  1. Hi Dr. Sethi, I didn’t see a way to email you but I found a beautiful picture on your website and want to ask your permission to use it on my website. I’m creating a website for my private violin studio and I wanted to make this picture my background

    Thank you,


  2. Dr. Sethi,

    A wonderful piece of work: the blog from March,2014.
    My mentor sent it to me – and I am so pleased that he did!
    Thank you for writing – and for all the things to which you aspire.

    Kind regards,

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