This is my personal Blog. I write what I think or what I like to share with everyone. My blogs are only a modest attempt to liven up your life with insightful, informative and educative reading material.The blogs  are written without any commercial benefit , for private circulation and  for the advantage of  friends and community . There is no bias or discrimination intended–racial, religious or otherwise. If you see something you disagree with or do not like , please ignore it , and move on .

The blog posts may contain borrowed text, images, links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to the topic. I get inputs through numerous emails and messages from friends, books, online literature, and blogs amongst many other unspecified sources. It is exceedingly difficult and not always possible to research and find out the original authors of the borrowed text or images in any blog post . Please don’t ask me about its authenticity, source or question its validity, etc. Please excuse if the due credit was, inadvertently, missed out.

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